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  • J.B. Kish

Writing Heat Maps

I have trouble writing from home. I get distracted if I’m too comfortable. So I’ve always gotten my best work done in a public space—somewhere with a lot of white noise. For every city I’ve lived in, there’s been a coffee shop, a library, or a bar where I’d go to focus. Building on my interest in process, I took a look at some of my favorite writing spots across the country and created a series of heat maps to show where I’ve spent the most time. Visually, I think it’s pretty cool to see where my past three novels were born and nurtured. For those of you that celebrate my (incredibly) small catalog of (mostly) unpublished work, The Midnight Club and New London was written in Flagstaff, Austin, and Phoenix. A Wall for Teeth and Stingers (coming late 2016) and my third novel, Little Fires (in progress), were both written right here in Portland, OR.

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