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  • J.B. Kish

I fell short of my 2017 reading goal by two lousy books.

A lot of people might think twenty books is a pretty small goal. I kind of do too. But it’s surprising how much of life today is designed to distract us from doing something we know we love, even something as simple as reading. Still, eighteen books isn’t too shabby. That’s 1.5 books a month, or if you read like me, five books every time your day job wasn’t absolutely bonkers-busy.

As for what I read last year, my taste was a little all over the map. The best book I read was Shoe Dog, hands down, but the most fun I had while reading was definitely My Best Friend’s Exorcism. The most impactful book I read was 1491, and my favorite new author was Grady Hendrix.

For 2018, I set the same goal of twenty books, and I hope to hit it this year. Unfortunately things are already shaping up to be equally, if not more busy than 2017. I’ll keep you updated on any winners I come across, but in the meanwhile, check out some of my favorite Goodread Reviews from 2017:

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