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A Wall for Teeth and Stingers Three Month Check-in

It’s hard to believe that my new novel has been on sale for three months already. It feels like a lifetime ago that I was pressing publish on all the things: publish the book, publish the announcements, publish the photos, publish the videos. It’s been a great summer so far, and I can’t thank you all enough for the support.

Here are some highlights I wanted to share with you:

A Wall for Teeth and Stingers Royalty Donation

Last spring, I announced that I would be donating all the royalties earned from the first three months of book sales. Now that it’s August, I’m happy to report that after manufacturing and distribution costs, I’ve earned over $450 in royalties from paperback and Kindle editions, and I have donated that money to The Oregon State Honey Bee Lab and the Xerces Society. Go pollinators!

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

My goal by the end of launch week was to have 20 reviews on Amazon. I fell short of that goal by just one review, which aint half bad. Three months later, I’ve got 30 reviews on Amazon, and I have 27 ratings and 17 reviews on Goodreads.

As an indie artist, reviews are one of the most important things for our work. They bring credibility, offer insight, and help new readers find our stories. For everyone who’s reviewed the book, let me buy you a beer sometime. And if you know anyone who’s read it, but hasn’t posted a review, let them know!

The Cover

I really love the cover of this book, and it seems like the internet does too! My book has been featured on a few different sites, including the homepage of Ebook Launch, the company that I partnered with to create the design. It was also nominated for a e-Book Cover Design Award!

Ebook Launch Homepage

Publish Drive: On the importance of hiring a professional.

The Book Designer e-Book Cover Design Award Nomination: “You can almost hear the buzzing when you look at this cover, it’s a great hook.”

The conversations

I’ve had some amazing conversations with my readers. Listening to people think critically about my work is surreal. All the crazy stuff that’s been in my brain for the past three years is now in yours, and hearing you parse through the details, ask questions, express interest—it’s my absolute favorite thing. Some reoccurring questions:


A real jerk. I’ll tell you that much.


I love this question, and it’s the one I’ve gotten the most. And the answer IS…

no, not at this time.

HOWEVER, if you’re interested in learning more about what was happening in A Wall for Teeth and Stingers, I would encourage you to read my other works. While they might be different stories with different characters, they aren’t necessarily unrelated…

Speaking of which, I’m writing a new novel!

The working title is Little Fires, though it’s likely to change when I go to print. I’m almost finished with the fourth draft, and my goal is to start pitching literary agents by summer 2018.

Thanks everyone! That’s it for now. Be sure to follow me at all the fun places below:

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