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  • J.B. Kish

100% All Proceeds Donated

So I’ve written this supernatural thriller. And—OK—on paper, the antagonist *appears* to be a dangerous, almost cognizant swarm of American honey bees. But that doesn’t reflect my feelings on this amazing insect!

In fact, I’ve spent the past year getting to know some of the inspiring people and companies that drive Portland’s bee scene. I’ve spoken with apiarists, educators, and even attended a couple honey tasting competitions. I’ve been so impressed by everyone’s passion for conservation that it’s motivated me to join the cause in my own small way.

That’s why I’ve decided that for the months of May, June, and July, 100% of my novel’s proceeds will be donated to groups like the Pollinator Partnership, the Xerces Society, and the Portland Fruit Tree Project. So, if you’re a lover of fiction AND you want to support bee conservation, then this is a knockout deal. I’ve poured hundreds of hours into this novel, and this feels like the perfect conversion of my energy.

The book goes on sale May 14th for Kindle and paperback, and the official launch party is June 4th! I’m so excited to get it in your hands. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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