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Horror Author & Productivity Mentor

J.B. Kish is a weird fiction and horror author that helps emerging writers design a strategy to reach their goals. He has been writing fiction for the last fifteen years. In that time, he has published short stories in publications like Cosmic Horror Monthly, Unsettling Reads, and Metaphorosis Magazine.  His author workshops have been developed based on eight years of helping clients roadmap and achieve their goals. When he’s not writing, he facilitates workshops for people looking to improve their public speaking and presentation skills. 

Small town America is terrorized as a swarm of honey bees migrates across the country, descending upon unsuspecting residences. The news is calling it the lottery of nightmares. With three families dead, nobody knows who's next. Except for Hugh Sistard.

It's not the swarm his wife should be worried about...

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"Lo-Fi Chocolate Cake" —  short story 

The Cozy Cosmic , 2023


"Through the Middle" —  short story 

Metaphorosis Magazine, December 2022

Metaphorosis Magazine Best of 2022  Republished

"Squid Nose" —  short story 

Cosmic Horror Monthly Magazine, 2023

"Melody" —  short story 

Still of Winter: Unsettling Reads Anthology, 2023

"A Wall for Teeth and Stingers"

Novel, 2017

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